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Research Report

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Performance Management in the Korean Public Sector
Nowook Park
Recent Efforts towards Performance Budgeting in Korea
Description of “Self-Assessment of Budgetary Program (SABP)”
Results from 2005 SABP
Observations and Recommendations

Does More Information Improve Budget Allocation? : Evidence and ...
Nowook Park


Ⅰ. Introduction

Ⅱ. Background of Performance-Based Budgeting in Korea

Ⅲ. Results from Performance-Based Budgeting in 2005

Ⅳ. Utilization of Performance Information in Budgetary Process


Sequencing and Pacing of Performance Budgeting Reforms: Observat...
Nowook Park

OECD Senior Budget Officials Network on Performance & Results, Paris, Oct 27-28, 2008

Session 1. Sequencing and Pacing of Performance Budgeting Reforms: Observations and Lessons from Korea


1. Sequencing and Pacin...

Performance Budgeting in Korea
Nowook Park
1. Description of the current performance 1 budget system

2. Integration of performance information into the budget and management process

3. Roles of the MOF, line ministries, parliament, and audit office<...

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