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About the Center

Director's Message

hi everyone! This is Park, No-Wook, head of the Center for Performance Evaluation and Management (CPEM).

CPEM was established in order to contribute to managing and assessing the performance
of government budget projects. The purpose of such management and assessment is to maximize
the benefits provided by the budget projects.

CPEM performs research and education about the systems and techniques
needed to manage the performance of government budget projects, and assessment
of budget projects.
CPEM has grown as a core research institute in public finance performance
management in Korea, and recently has made global contributions to public sector
reform through consulting and education for the NICS and developing countries.

Due to the recent increase in public finance spending and public finance
deficit on account of the economic crisis, recovering sound public finance
through budget project performance management will become important.
Let me assure you that CPEM will keep contributing to the improvement
of budget project efficiency and budget savings through the assessment
of government budget projects and research/education/assessment
related to performance management.